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Here is where you will find the names, titles, and symbols of the gods. They are in no particular order and not all of these will appear but I felt like mentioning them anyway.

Xerius - God of Honesty

Vynshč - Goddess of Anger

Tatrina - Goddess of Lust

Baleinos - God of Strenth

Caciyan - Goddess of Love

Qui - God/Goddess of Wilderness/Nature

Dwell - God of Hate

Zinra - Godess of Wealth

Vine - God of Death/Life

Hálle - Goddess of Dance

Tremous - God of Happiness

Barnia - Goddess of Destruction

Dalirak - God of Time

Mercik - God of Fate

Sril - Goddess of Destiny

Noitidč - Goddess of Prophecy

Faloč - God of Protection

Yarenli - God of Sorrow

?? - * of Hope

?? - *of Mercy
* These have to be replaced, no one new has turned up yet.

All names and places and things in E.D. are copyrighted to O.X.M. so don't you go stealing them!!! I'll have someone put a curse on you and yours!! I'll do it!! Don't make me! 'sides...Keen Space gives me permission to kick your butt if you do.